Our Services

CENTA is a full-service ear, nose and throat practice. We offer a variety of services from allergy relief to major surgical procedures. We are strong believers in patient education. Click an area below to learn more.

We treat the following:

How We Treat Our Patients

At CENTA, we believe in customized care. No two patients have the same medical diagnosis, which is why a blanket approach to care does not always work. CENTA’s physicians create customized care plans for each patient. As an essential part of every patient’s health, these “road maps” identify the best approach to treatment and the plan for recovery based on individual needs and diagnoses.

Patient Education

CENTA physicians are firm believers in patient education. At every stage of treatment, we work with patients to help them understand their diagnosis, and the reasons and causes of their ailments. With education comes a better understanding to managing the problem and returning to good health.